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Career Opportunities

 Are you looking to begin or grow your career in hospitality? 


At House of Hunan, we believe teamwork is always the key to success. Our front-of-house and kitchen staff must work in unison to ensure a consistantly pleasant dining experience for each guest. 


We are always looking forward to meeting potential team members at House of Hunan, who will eventually become part of our family.  Our goal is to continue to grow and improve the way we provide opportunities for people to build on for their careers. 


If you share the same dedication in delivering the best possible service while being the best teammate, then there is a great possibility of joining our family!


Stop in anytime to fill out an application for entry-level positions, or please fill out a brief application form below for our management team.  Our management team will review your resume and contact you to setup an interview.


We look forward to meeting you! 

Runner - Assists the hosts and servers by prebussing tables and offering refills. Also helps clean and set tables after guests leave. Help servers carry additional trays and plates for large parties. An assistant with opportunities to learn various positions. 
Host - Our team of hosts work together to ensure every guest feels welcome as soon as they walk in the door. You are responsible for greeting & seating all guests as they enter; and also acting as cashier as you thank them before they exit.
The host staff is responsible for controlling the floor. This includes seating guests in appropriate sections and making sure tables are properly set and cleaned. Hosts are also responsible for answering the phones to accept reservations, or take orders on the POS system. Additionally, hosts also accept guests for walk-in carry-out orders. 
 - Our serving staff is the core of House of Hunan's dining experience. Our team of servers are responsible for working with the host staff to ensure an exceptional dining experience from start to finish. Our team of servers also work with the kitchen staff to ensure food is prepared correctly and timed efficiently.
Servers provide exceptional service by guiding guests through menus, suggestively selling drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. Servers are responsible for taking guest orders, then quality-checking items before delivering them to the table. Servers are also responsible for gathering small items such as sauces and soups.  
Carry-Out Specialist - House of Hunan's carry-out department is equally devoted to quality and service as the dine-in staff. Communication with the hosts and kitchen staff is essential. 

Carry-out Specialists are responsible for packing and organizing all carry-out orders in the kitchen and delivering them to the host counter. When there are no carry-out orders, Specialists assist the serving staff in the kitchen. 

Bartender - Keeps the drinks and the conversation flowing.  Mixes and garnishes beverages and serves wine.  Keeps the bar stocked and clean while always providing the best possible service to guests and servers.  Assists the host staff in taking care of customer bill transactions or carryout orders.  

Dish Tank - Responsible for scrubbing, rinsing, and sanitizing all dishware, flatware, and cookware used in the restaurant using an industrial conveyor-belt dishwashing machine. Also responsible for replenishing clean dishes to their respective holding areas.  
Prep Chef - Prepares meats and vegetables by cutting them to the appropriate size, marinates and mixes the proper ingredients with the meats, and stores them in the walk-in cooler for use by the line chefs.

Rice Chef - Prepares and cooks steamed and fried rice, and maintains a sufficient amount for all orders.

Deep Fry Chef - Prepares and cooks all appetizers and deep fried entrees according to order.

Stir-Fry Chef - Cooks all stir-fry dishes and soups, and prepares sauces.

Captain Chef - Prepares and gathers ingredients to all stir-fry dishes prior to cooking.  Expedites all orders for the line chefs.

(All hourly positions are responsible for maintaining cleanliness at their own stations.)


Assistant Manager

• Responsible for supervision of all hourly teammates
• Reports directly to the General Manager 
• Responsible for performing written evaluations of all staff, to be submitted to the General Manager
• Attend and give updates at periodical staff meetings
• May be responsible for scheduling staff shifts and making necessary changes
• To be responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies and procedures contained within the Employee Handbook Manual.
• Report any acts of maltreatment, neglect, and/or any other violation of House of Hunan policies immediately to the General Manager
• Must complete all necessary medical and employment forms


• Bachelor’s degree or ACA certification preferred.
• At least 21 years of age.
• At least 1 year of experience in restaurant management
• No criminal conviction record.

Future Available Management Positions
Kitchen Manager 
General Manager

*The descriptions are not a complete listing of every function, but instead are outlines to the types of positions. A complete job description will be available at our restaurant.